International Training Programme in KEMI

01 Introduction to Enforcement AnnikaH

02 Organisation and responsibilities for chemicals control JörgenR

03 Methodology and Strategies for Enforcement in practise AH

04 Inspection exercise Funchem AH+JR

05 National enforcement projects II AH+JR

06 Enforcement Cooperation

07 Guidance and Education AH

Check list for inspections

Checklist – watersource

Checklist Vehicles

Chemical identity

Useful links March 2014

Chemical Inventories AsaA 2014-09-19

Chemicals – Identification GunillaA 2014-09-19

Classification exercise A

Classification exercise example

Classification exercise Q

Classification exercise QandA


Final_18 May 2015

Driving Innovation_


ECHA EU_EvaS_140916

ECHA Guidance on Classification and Labelling

ECHA Guidance on the Application of the CLP Criteria

ECHA Introductory Guidance on the CLP Regulation

Economic analysis and policy instruments ITP 2014 MC_20140924

Environmental exposure+risk assessment_Helena_Lilian_Johannes

Environmental exposure+risk assessment_Helena_Part2

EU Legislation_EvaS_14-09-16


GD EFSA PPP_140401

German Model 75 perc

GHS_Env Hazard_JonasF – with exercises_140922

GHS_GD_Developing a National

GHS Implementation Strategy_September 2010

GHS_ITP Europe 2014 Env Hazard_JF – handouts without exercises

Global Chemicals Outlook UNEP 2012

Göran Wall – Product Stewarship_guideline_2012

Göran Wall – Progress report 2013 data 2012 Engelska

Göran Wall – SDS ChecklistIKEM_2014

Göran Wall – The new Safety Data Sheet_aug2012

Group discussion 18 September 2014



GUIDANCE on Dermal Absorption

Guidelines safe and effective use

Guidelines safe transport

Guidelines safe warehousing

Guidelines using crop protection products in hot climates

Hazard Communication_JorgenR

Health hazards-Classification and labelling-including basic toxicology_


Human Exposure-Risk Assessment_Part1_BengtM24Sept2014

Human Exposure-Risk Assessment_Part2_BengtM24Sept2014

IKEM-Göran Wall-20141003


International data sources without exercises AsaA 2014-09-19

Introduction to exercise 1

Introduction to GHS presentation_Lennart-Lorens_140922

IOMC brochure_english (1)

IOMC brochure_english

IOMC Toolbox Flyer (1)

IOMC Toolbox Flyer

ITP_Exercise 1 LT

ITP_Exercise 2

ITP299EU 2014 Swedish Chemicals Agency

KemI PM1_10 Capacity Building for Sound Management of Chemicals (1)

KemI PM1_10 Capacity Building for Sound Management of Chemicals

KemI PM1-13 The influence of legislation on the location of chemical industries (1)

KemI PM1-13 The influence of legislation on the location of chemical industries

KemI PM4_08 Legislation for risk managementat marketing of Chemicals

KemI Report 2_05 Chemicals Risk Management as a Driver of Development

KemI Report 3_13 Chemicals in Textiles

KemI Report 5_10 Chemical Industry from an Economic Perspective

Lilian Tornqvist Pesticide Authorization September 2014 LIRA Guidance UNEP_

IOMC January 2012 Mercury managament_StinaA_

ITP Sep 2014 Monitoring_LindaLSwEPA_

ITPSept2014 PEC calculation soil and surfacewater

Pesticide use and food safety



Practical guidance on how to access information from the EU pesticide registration process

PRM flyer 18 May 2015

Product exampel

Product register AsaA 2014-09-19

Registering PPP in the EU

Risk management_140926_AnnaL

Risk management-ITP-EU2014_AnnaF



Södertälje Municipality-An example,


Sorting of hazardous waste at KemI


State of the Science on Endocrine Disprupting Chemicals WHO_UNEP 2012



Study visit Södertälje Municipality

Substances in articles Mariana P

Sustainable use of pesticides PeterB 30 Sept 2014

SweWorkEnvAuthorithy-Marie Cardfelt-20141003


Use of chemicals GunillaA 2014-09-19

Why do we need chemicals control EvaS_140915[0.1]